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Friday, March 31, 2006

Gorbachev affirms socialist values in 75th birthday interview

"I was and remain an advocate of the socialist idea," he said. "This is an ideal. This is a value. But I led a process of debunking a socialist model that rejected democracy and relied on dictatorship."

Although many in the West understand that Russia is a friend and a good partner, they are still wary about it, Gorbachev told RG. "Some people seem to be set to keep Russia in a half-suffocated state," he said. "The world is changing rapidly," he said. "We have not even noticed that we have entered a new era."

In a related theme, Gorbachev approved of the Russian policy toward radical Palestinian movement Hamas, whose representatives Putin invited to Moscow following the organization election triumph in the Palestinian National Authority in January. He said Hamas had been elected by a democratic vote and therefore was a legitimate authority.

Commenting on the United States' refusal to recognize the new Palestinian leadership, which it has branded a terrorist organization, Gorbachev said: "The U.S. has invented the idea of 'axis of evil' and now does not know what to do with it." He added that Russia, despite being economically unstable, had the diplomatic and historical experience of co-existing in peace with other nations.

RIA Novosti - Russia - Gorbachev affirms socialist values in 75th birthday interview

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