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Friday, March 31, 2006

Profound gulf between U.S. and Israeli commentators and online pundits throughout the rest of the world.

"Most recipients of military aid are obliged to spend it in the US but Israel is permitted to spend 25 percent of what it receives to subsidize its own defence industry," writes the pro-democracy daily. "Unlike other recipients, Israel is not obliged to account for the money and how and where it was spent. Washington has also given Tel Aviv $3 billion to develop weapon systems and also provided it with access to advances systems. Israel is also given intelligence that America denies to its NATO partners. Last but not least, the US has never said a word about Israel's acquisition of nuclear weapons, an acquisition that would not have been possible without American acquiescence, involvement or technical assistance. Since 1982, the US has vetoed 32 Security Council resolutions which were critical of Tel Aviv, a number that exceeds the total number of vetoes exercised by all other permanent member states put together."

"By preventing US leaders from pressuring Israel to make peace, the lobby has also made it impossible to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which gives extremists a potent recruiting tool and enlarges the pool of potential militants, the authors say. And new attempts by the lobby to 'change regimes' in Iran and Syria could lead the US to attack those countries, with potentially disastrous effects. "

"No report or study has ever dealt with this issue in such detail and frankness and with strong authority as this study."

"The inflammatory report may not be startling to those who regularly monitor the impact of the Israeli lobby on US policy-making on the Middle East," writes George Hismeh, Washington correspondent for the Qatar-based Gulf News. "But the slightest chance that the contents of this earth-shaking report could surface and grab headlines has led pro-Israelis in the US to do everything they can to keep the lid on that can of worms unopened."

"Everybody knows that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and other Jewish organizations exert a vast influence over Middle East policy, especially on Capitol Hill. Almost everybody also concedes that the Israeli occupation has been a moral and political catastrophe and has implicated the United States in a sordid and costly morass."

"The difference between the United States and the rest of the world is that you cannot say that in the United States without being accused of anti-Semitism and bringing a storm down on yourself, " Mearsheimer wrote.

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