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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Mr. Clinton’s New Job: The Ins (And Outs) of an Obscene Salary

But what, some (Clinton sycophants) will ask, about the former President’s “investment” of his “valuable” time? Well, in assessing the time factor, no sensible person will count the “500 hours a year” Mr. Clinton spends with Mr. Burkle flitting about the world “to attend conferences and meetings with foreign leaders” (for doing so would slap real working people with an insult that comes from a place beyond obscene).

So, to remain in the realm where only ordinary obscenity is possible, we’ll assume that Mr. Clinton will actually “work” 100 hours a year for five years to pocket (let’s say) two of those “tens of millions” without ever punching a time card. (No punching of time cards, indeed, for it appears that Mr. Burkle must certainly believe that “If you can’t trust an ex-President, who can you trust to tell the truth.”)

Now, to some arithmetic. A little division reveals that $20 million for 500 hours of “work” comes out to a coldly obscene $40,000/hour. And let’s not forget that Mr. Clinton’s salary becomes bitterly obscene when we consider that to “earn” it he doesn’t have to provide 15 (not to mention 25 or 35) years of real, full-time, very important leadership for a company such as Wal-Mart (that employs 1.7 million people who create sales of $285 billion every year).

To cinch the case for the obscenity of this pay deal, it is tempting to say more (for example, if Mr. Clinton were to earn $30 million, his salary of $60,000/hour would fall into the category of “cosmically obscene” because it would have shot out of this world far into the frozen stillness of space).

Mr. Clinton%u2019s New Job by A.J. DiCintio - The New Media Journal.us

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