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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Shas: Breaking the Israeli mould

Shas - the Hebrew acronym for the Sephardic Guardians of the Torah - is the only religious party in Israel with real political clout.

Shas has held cabinet posts in governments of both sides since 1992 - apart from a brief interruption in 2000 - and its spiritual leader commands a following of hundreds of thousands of the ultra-Orthodox faithful of Middle Eastern origin.

The party's insistence on the supremacy of the Jewish scriptures has posed serious questions about Israeli democracy.

Party policy is set by its Council of Torah Sages, which the rabbi dominates. It is a world of apocalyptic religious discourse where decisions belong to God and those who interpret God's law.

From the sages, through the politicians, and down to the party's grassroots, Shas is also the master of sectarian politics, representing a minority which feels discriminated against in all spheres of life in Israel.

And in the past it has shown that it can paralyse or extend the life of an Israeli government.

BBC News | MIDDLE EAST | Shas: Breaking the Israeli mould

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