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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Microsoft offers personal digital ID cards

What will make InfoCard appeal to the IT community is that it actually delivers on a long awaited promise, federated security. It doesn't matter who issues the InfoCard or what operating system or software they use. The whole process is standards driven and vendor neutral. After years of false starts, this looks like it will deliver something that has eluded the IT industry so far.

So what is Microsoft adding to InfoCard under its CardSpace banner?

Whenever the user is working with an InfoCard they will find themselves put into a separate desktop and using a very restricted account. You will not be able to move between your normal desktop and the CardSpace environment. This will make it exceptionally hard for hackers to try and screen grab or harvest passwords using keystroke logging software.

This really does have the ability to improve security and Microsoft is already talking to a number of online retailers about adding InfoCard support to their web sites.

ITPro: Security: Features: Microsoft offers personal digital ID cards

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