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Friday, February 23, 2007

Ark of the Covenant

Arutz Sheva - IsraelNationalNews.com
Of course, the Gemara in Yuma (52b; 53b-54a) describes a machloket Tanaim, a difference of opinion of the rabbis, whether the Ark was lost in exile to Babylonia, or whether it was hidden by King Yoshiahu (Divrei Hayamim 35:3) in the passageways and tunnels under the Temple Mount. The Rambam (ibid., "Hilchot Beit HaB'chirah") holds the latter opinion, that of Rabbi Yehudah Ben-Lakish.

The Lubavicher Rebbe comments on the Rambam's uncharacteristic quoting of the story and verses of Yoshiahu's hiding of the Ark in the tunnels under the Temple Mount. The Rebbe explains that a Temple with no Aron was void, not a valid Temple. But the Second Temple, with no visible Aron, was still a valid Temple because the Aron was in its proper spot. The Rebbe says that there were two proper places for an Aron: above, on "the stone in the Holy of Holies, at its western end" (Rambam, ibid.); and a place below, possibly underneath the Lishkat Eitzim (Chamber of Wood; see Yuma 54a and Shekalim 6:2) in the northeast corner of the Ezrat Nashim, not far from the present Sha'ar Rachamim. An Aron in the Temple Mount tunnels is, therefore, a perfectly functional Aron as far as the legitimacy of the Temple above it is concerned.

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