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Monday, February 12, 2007

Gates puts spotlight on security

Gates puts spotlight on security

Gates cited passwords as a particularly weak link in existing security systems.Trying to address that, Microsoft built an identification system called CardSpace into Windows Vista that lets people store secure, virtual ID cards and use them to establish their identity and sign in to participating sites without entering passwords each time. Microsoft previously referred to the system by the name InfoCard.

The company says it hopes that the CardSpace system catches on among online sites and computer users as Windows Vista becomes more widely used.

OpenID likewise gives Web users a way to log in to multiple Web sites without manually entering different passwords on each. It uses ‘OpenID Providers’ as intermediaries, letting each user enter one unique identifier to have a provider supply digital credentials for logging into different sites, rather than requiring people to remember a large number of user names and passwords on their own.

Microsoft said people also will be able to use CardSpace to establish identity in the OpenID 2.0 system. Fathi said CardSpace’s use of encryption makes the process more secure. Companies including VeriSign and blogging software provider SixApart plan to participate. The vision presented at the RSA Conference generally was met with nodding approval. But that may have been because it largely reflected popular trends in the industry.

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