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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Universal Peace Federation: "one family under God, beyond the barriers of religion, nationality, race, ideology and ethnicity."

UPI Asia Online - Society & Culture - Feature: Education as the royal road to peace
According to Rev. Dr. Chung Hwang Kwak, UPF's international chairman, the goal is "one family under God, beyond the barriers of religion, nationality, race, ideology and ethnicity." Similar conferences have been sponsored by UPF in various cities of the world this year under the theme "Providing Vision and Leadership at a Time of Global Crisis."

UPF and its affiliated non-governmental organizations have taken steps to implement this vision through education. Most substantially, they have introduced a curriculum on character education for primary, middle school and high school students, which is being taught in public and private schools in dozens of countries, including Russia and China.

UPF's social activism is currently most visible in its Middle East Peace Initiative, which has taken tens of thousands of pilgrims to Israel, including the Palestinian territories. These programs have engaged Jewish and Arab leaders and activists in dialogue and cooperation, along with Christian ministers and representatives from other religions including Buddhism and Confucianism. The group has held dozens of peace conferences among all the stakeholders as well as peaceful marches in the streets of Jerusalem.

According to Timothy Miller, vice president of UPF Europe Region One, these programs have engaged prominent leaders including the late Chairman Yasser Arafat, his successor President Mohammed Abbas and Israel's current president Shimon Peres.

Unlike many similar organizations, UPF does not shun religious debate in its public discussions. On the contrary, it has been vocally promoting a Religious Council, similar to the Security Council, within the U.N. system. A resolution containing this suggestion has been endorsed by dozens of nations at past U.N. assemblies.

UPF's unique contribution to world peace lies in its concept of education, Walsh said. This includes education of the heart as well as the mind and a focus on living for others, in clear distinction to popular modern trends that advocate self-fulfillment on the individual level and national interest on the international level. He urges governments of the world to partner with UPF in its Peace Education Initiative, through which its various programs can be introduced in their nations.

Blogger's note: This plays directly into the hand of Noahidism and Kabbalah.

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