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Friday, October 26, 2007

The IAPP Unveils Winners of the 2007 HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards - Bandit - DigitalMe

The IAPP Unveils Winners of the 2007 HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Awards - Press Release
This year, the HP-IAPP Privacy Innovation Technology Award was the most popular category for nominations, with many technology vendors competing for recognition of their innovative product or service. This year's winner is the Bandit® project, an open source identity project sponsored by global infrastructure software company Novell for its DigitalMe® technology, which helps users manage digital identity cards used in Web transactions.

"DigitalMe is a great example of innovative technology," remarked one Innovation Award judge. "It helps manage credentials and other personal information during interactions with Web sites, and could be used in Web 2.0 environments. This entry is truly thoughtful and innovative."

Based on working code from the Bandit project and interoperable with components from the Eclipse Higgins Project, DigitalMe is functionally equivalent to Microsoft Windows CardSpace. However, it expands user-centric technology beyond Windows to also serve Linux and Macintosh users.

DigitalMe allows for a user-centric identity model that empowers users, not Web sites, to control how sensitive identity information is presented. Users are able to manage multiple digital identity cards to control identity data, including name, address, email and credit card information. Users may obtain the cards through third-party companies or they may create the cards themselves. When a user visits an information card-compatible Web site, the site presents a menu of digital cards to assist in the transaction. The user then selects the appropriate card and the credentials are then sent to third-party site for authorization, which is then sent securely back to the user's system to complete the transaction.

"This award further validates the Bandit project's commitment to increasing the adoption of a user-centric approach to identity management," said Dale Olds, Novell distinguished engineer and Bandit project leader. "The DigitalMe information card selector helps users to protect their privacy by controlling the flow of identity information."

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