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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Merkel speaking in German in historic Knesset address: Burden of proof on Iran

EXTRA: Merkel in historic Knesset address: Burden of proof on Iran :
Jerusalem - The burden of proof that Iran is not building a nuclear bomb lies with Tehran, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Tuesday. "The world must not prove to Iran that Iran is building an atom bomb. Iran must convince the world that it does not want an atom bomb," Merkel said in an historic address to the Israeli parliament in which she expressed unequivocal support for Israel's security.
Condemning Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's "repeated verbal abuse" of Israel, Merkel warned that if Iran obtained an atom bomb this would have "far-reaching consequences, first and foremost for the security and existence of Israel," but also for the region, Europe and the entire world.
"Every German government and every German chancellor before me were committed to Germany's special historic responsibility for Israel's security," she told the Knesset.
Merkel spoke in German, prompting some five Israeli legislators to boycott her address in protest. Her decision to speak in her own language was "insensitive" to Israel's Holocaust survivors and their relatives, they complained.
But, opening her speech in Hebrew, Merkel - the first German chancellor or foreign head of government ever to address the Knesset - said to applause that it was a "great honour" for her to be invited to speak before the 120-member House.
She then thanked its delegates in German "for allowing me to speak to you in my mother tongue."
Germany and Israel, she said, would forever be connected to each other through the memory of the Holocaust.
The "mass murder" of six million Jews "in the name of Germany" was "without example," and had caused "indescribable" suffering to the Jewish people, she said, adding:
"The Shoah (Hebrew for Holocaust) fills us Germans with shame. I bow before the victims. I bow before the survivors and before all those who helped them survive."
"I am deeply convinced of it: Only if Germany recognizes its everlasting responsibility for the moral catastrophe in German history, can we shape the future humanely."
This meant, she said, that Germany should act to nip in the bud any attempt to "downplay the atrocities" committed by the Nazis. "Anti-Semitism, Racism and Xenophobia should never be allowed to set foot again in Germany and in Europe."

Blogger's note: Expect the unexpected in these end-times.

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