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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Christian Messianic Jew to be Allowed to Compete in Jewish Bible Quiz - News Briefs - Arutz Sheva

Messianic Jew to be Allowed to Compete in Bible Quiz - News Briefs - Arutz Sheva
A 17-year-old girl who belongs to a messianic Christian community has a chance to win the International Youth Bible Quiz in Jerusalem next week.

According to the Yad L'Achim anti-missionary [anti-Christian] organization, the teen who is one of four final contestants in the Independence Day quiz is a member of a secret Christian sect.

Yad L'Achim Chairman Rabbi Shlomo Dov Lischitz called for religious Jews to boycott the quiz if she is allowed to participate. The Education Ministry, which supervises the competition, has chosen not to intervene because under the law, the girl is considered Jewish.

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Mike said...


Are the B'nai Noach {Sanhedrin} like this also? I would have e-mailed the question but your e-mail button is dead. This item has really peaked my interested in that subject.

Brad Burge said...

If your question is, are the B'nai Noach of the Sanhedrin against Christianity also, then the answer is yes. They consider faith in the Trinity and Jesus Christ the Lord to be idolatry.

I will try to address the dead e-mail button issue soon. Thank you for bringing it to my attention. In the mean time you can still use jesus.rapture.me@gmail.com by typing it into your e-mail.

If I have misunderstood your question, please let me know.

Brad L. Burge