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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Converting Hametz on Shabbat - Noahide Laws - Seven Laws of Noah

Converting Hametz on Shabbat - Judaism - Arutz Sheva
Now why is Maimonides so insistent that the hametz not be destroyed on the Sabbath? After all, normative law should follow the sages, and they maintain that hametz can be destroyed by casting it to the seas or - in our
Why is Maimonides so insistent that the hametz not be destroyed on the Sabbath?
terminology - by flushing it down the toilet. Should we not physically destroy it on Shabbat and thereby fulfill the command of destroying hametz at its proper time on the fourteenth day of Nissan?

My teacher and mentor, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, provides a marvelous explanation based on the concept that hametz symbolizes evil. He explains that there are two ways to destroy evil, or to destroy Amalek, who represents evil: either by physically destroying him or by converting him to our side. After all, if Amalek were to accept the seven Noahide laws of morality, he would no longer be Amalek, the symbol of evil. The festival of Passover tells us to destroy the hametz physically because, at the dawn of our history, we were not strong enough to influence evil to accept our ethical world view. Rosh Hashanah, which comes seven months later, is the festival which teaches us that our ultimate and highest goal is to perfect the world under the kingship of G-d and to influence Amalek to repent. The Sabbath represents this higher ideal of converting Amalek rather than destroying him. Therefore, on the Sabbath we can never destroy hametz, not even by casting it to the winds or flushing it down the toilet. On Shabbat morning we can eat the hametz - and therefore utilize it to strengthen ourselves - but we dare not destroy it. Our goal is not to destroy, but rather to convert and uplift - even evil.

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