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Friday, April 18, 2008

Israel News - North To South - Threats to Israel Continue To Mount | Infolive.tv

Israel News - North To South - Threats Continue To Mount | Infolive.tv
In recent months, Iran has increased its efforts to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip via the sea and also tunnels between Egypt and Gaza, sending the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups there not only weapons and rifles but advanced Iranian made rockets and mortar shells.
According to reports, the overseas branch of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards knows as the al Quds brigade is believed to be responsible for the weapons flow, as well as supervising the military training of terror operatives who leave Gaza to undergo training in Iran, Lebanon or Syria.

A report in the Jerusalem Post says that many of the weapons are too big to smuggle through the tunnels built underneath the Philadelphi Corridor linking Egypt and the Gaza Strip, and therefore resort to dropping them off the waters in Gaza in waterproof sealed tubes.

Defense officials estimate that in recent months thousands of long range rockets have been smuggled into the Gaza Strip. Officials also estimate that weapons are transferred via another smuggling route, from Iran to Syria and then to Lebanon where Hizbullah ships them by boat to Egypt.

While there is nothing new in the report, the scope of weapons reaching Gaza is a cause of great concern to Israel’s security establishment. Egypt has perhaps realized a little too late that it should have taken harsher action earlier, against the tunnel smuggling and infiltrations from Egypt into Gaza.

Along Israel’s northern border with Lebanon and Syria, tensions remain high. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told local newspapers Thursday that Israel and Syria have been exchanging a number of messages to clarify expectations for any future peace treaty, saying, “they know what we want from them, and I know fully well what they want from us.”

However it is Syrian President Bashar Assad who says he is preparing for war. Quoted in the Arab media, the Syrian president said that while the likelihood of war with Israel appears to be low, he considers it a real possibility and is preparing accordingly. Speaking to a group of Arab leaders in Damascus, Assad said if Israel declares war on Lebanon and Syria, and the United States declares war on Iran, his country will be prepared.

Therefore one should not be surprised with Syria’s latest acquisition as it continues to boost its military might, the Russian made anti aircraft missile defense system, a deal between the two countries to the tune of millions of dollars. Currently, Syrian technicians are in Russia to take delivery of the advanced system, a short range mobile air defense system that combines anti aircraft guns and surface to air missiles that are able to engage in two separate targets simultaneously, ranging from aircraft to missiles and guided bombs.

At the same time both Syria and Iran continue to supply Hizbullah with weapons, and long and short range missiles. Since the end of the Second Lebanon war , Hizbullah has replenished its stockpiles three fold and has in its possession weapons capable of hitting major centers in Israel.

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