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Thursday, April 17, 2008

On Poland trip, Israel's Peres evokes grandfather burned alive in Holocaust

AFP: On Poland trip, Israel's Peres evokes grandfather lost in Holocaust
Israel's Polish-born President Shimon Peres on Thursday evoked the memory of his grandfather who was burned alive by the occupying Nazi Germans during World War II, in an emotional speech in what was once Europe's Jewish heartland.
Peres, who was visiting Poland amid commemorations of the 65th anniversary of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, an ill-fated Jewish revolt against the Nazis, made a deeply personal address to parliament in Warsaw.
"I was myself born in Vishniev, a village which was then in Poland, and which was home to a thousand Jewish families," he said.
"I have come to Poland in the name of the dead and the living, to look history in the eye," he told lawmakers.
Peres was born in 1923, and in 1934 emigrated with his family to what was then British-ruled Palestine.
His grandfather was among the relatives who remained in Vishniev, which was part of the Polish territory taken over by Soviet Union in 1939 and then invaded by the Nazis in 1941.
Most of the village's Jewish population died in 1942 when the Nazis forced them into the synagogue and set it alight.
He also pointed to the legacy of fellow Polish-born Israeli politicians, notably the country's founding father David Ben Gurion.
Ben Gurion emigrated at the age of 20 in 1906, led Israel to independence in the 1948 Arab-Israeli war and put his stamp on the country as prime minister until 1963.
Peres began his own political career shortly after the creation of Israel, and, after decades as a key player, was elected president in 2007.
Jews first emigrated to Poland from western Europe to escape 11th century pogroms.
On the eve of World War II, the country was home to around 3.5 million Jews, representing around 10 percent of the country's population -- and Europe's largest Jewish community.
Half of the six million Jews who died in the Holocaust were Polish, and most perished in death camps set up by the Nazis in occupied Poland, including the notorious Treblinka, which Peres visited on Monday.
In 1945, Poland's surviving Jewish population numbered just 280,000.
Many Polish Jews emigrated to the United States or Israel, either immediately after the war or during waves of anti-Semitism driven by Poland's communist regime in the 1950s and 1960s.
According to various estimates, Poland counts just 3,500 to 15,000 Jews out of a total population of 38 million people, more than 90 percent of whom are Roman Catholic.
Poland and Israel have forged strong ties since the fall of communism in 1989, but relations between the Catholic majority and Jews, as well as the legacy of the war and communism, remain sensitive issues here.

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