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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yom Ha-Zikaron - Israeli Memorial Day - Israel

Yom Ha-Zikaron - Memorial Day
Throughout the entire day (beginning at sunset, per the Jewish lunar calendar) places of entertainment are closed by law. Unlike in America, in which Memorial Day is often used simply as an excuse for another sale, Israeli shops, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. are shut down. The radio and television stations play programs about Israel's wars and show programming that convey the somber mood of the day.

Perhaps the most widely recognized commemoration, as on Yom HaShoah, an air raid siren is played twice during Yom Ha-Zikaron. All activity, including traffic, immediately ceases. People get out of their cars, even in the middle of otherwise busy highways, and stand in respect for the sacrifice of those who died defending Israel. The first siren marks the beginning of Memorial Day and the second is sounded immediately prior to the public recitation of prayers in military cemeteries.

Numerous public ceremonies are held throughout Israel. Special readings and poems are often recited. There is a national ceremony at the military cemetery on Mt. Herzl, where many of Israel's leaders and soldiers are buried. Many schools and public buildings have memorial corners with memorials to those from their community who died in Israel's wars.

While mostly viewed in a secular national character, there is also a religious component to Yom Ha-Zikaron. There is a special yizkor (rememberance) prayer and "El Maleh Rachamim" memorial prayer for members of the Israeli Defense Forces who died in the line of duty, which is read at many of the Yom Ha-Zikaron ceremonies. Some members of the religious Zionist (national religious) community has also added special prayers to the prayer service for the evening prayers on Yom Ha-Zikaron. The mourners kaddish is often said. The development of Yom Ha-Zikaron as a religious holiday is still developing.

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