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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new initiative on the Temple Mount is slowly taking form with help from the Sanhedrin

Reclaiming Judaism's holiest place - Haaretz - Israel News
. . . a new initiative on the Temple Mount is slowly taking form, and it, too, has ultra-Orthodox backers, mainly from the group that calls itself the Sanhedrin. Prof. Hillel Weiss proposes reinstating the custom of Hakhel on the Temple Mount, with the participation of the heads of state and the nation's leaders.

Hakhel was held once every seven years in ancient times, during the festival of Sukkot after a Shmita year, when hundreds of thousands of Jews would assemble on the Temple Mount and the king would read to them from the Torah (as described in Deuteronomy 31:10-13).

During Sukkot 1988, this ritual was held in the Western Wall plaza, with the participation of the president, the head of the Supreme Court and the chief rabbis. Weiss, who since that time has become a controversial figure, would like to repeat that event, but up on the Temple Mount. Hakhel will not be marked on the mount this year, but there will be a great tumult here.

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