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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

PR-USA.net - Smart Card Alliance Outlines EMV Roadmap Options for U.S. Payments Industry

PR-USA.net - Smart Card Alliance Outlines EMV Roadmap Options for U.S. Payments Industry: "Factors driving the U.S. payments industry to consider a move to EMV include card-related fraud losses, the increasing annual cost of protecting existing payments systems and enhancing security features incrementally, and troubles U.S. travelers are having using their cards abroad."

Blogger's note: EMV will not likely be the final solution to these global challenges. But, it may be a stepping stone toward a solution. Biometric IDs that do not require physical contact or carrying any object will likely provide the solution. There will be no need for EMV cards of enabled cell phones. All that will be needed is the biometric IDs provided by simple iris and/or palm scans.


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